Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Yummy Valentine

Seriously, if you're getting married and haven't decided on a caterer yet, I highly recommend our dear caterer, Kaye Cunanan. Not only does she have such chi-chi setups and yummy food (not drenched in the usual peanut sauce like other caterers...), she also has some sweet extras. Like our Valentine date!

Table for two: chocolate brown table cloth, baby blue napkins, Tiffany chairs; other tables had baby blue table cloths and chocolate brown napkins

She invited past clients to feast on a dinner buffet at Blue Leaf--and H and I really arranged our sched so we could make it to dinner. The pictures will do the talking...

It's the Pinoy version of that Italian tomato-and-cheese appetizer. It had kesong puti. I also got a bit of arugula with sun-dried tomatoes.

Prichon with different sauces--hoisin, garlic mayo, honey mustard, and a couple more

Carrot rice (yum!) with chicken, prawns topped with mangoes and coconut milk, lapu-lapu topped with ratatouille (served at our wedding), lamb kofta with couscous

The dessert table looked divine. The thing about Kaye's desserts is that they're not like hotel desserts. And that's a good thing!

Too bad my tummy could only accommodate the chocolate souffle with vanilla sauce, banoffee cup, and strawberry panna cota.

What a yummy Valentine date it was! And did I mention that it was absolutely free?

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