Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Soft Biscocho: A Treat from Ilocos Norte

En route to Bangui, Ilocos Norte, our travel companions (most of whom were from Ilocos) insisted that we stop over at the "biscocho-han." Said biscocho-han was actually Pasuquin Bakery, "famous maker of the delicious biscocho, pride of the north."

Sheryl, our unofficial tour guide, told us that the soft biscocho is so popular that the bakery even exports it to Hawaii! (My theory is that the Marcoses missed the stuff so much while they were in Spam-land that they started shipping 'em over.) The little buns come by the dozen in a plastic bag, with pairs stuck together. Each bag costs P55. They're a lot like pan de sal--the softest kind, the kind with no burnt portions on the crust! The main difference is that there's a hint of anise when you bite into it.

Our travel companions bought packets of Cheez Wiz to go with their soft biscocho. H and I were content with munching on our palaman-less bread, until one of the girls said, "Sana bumili tayo ng Nutella!" This was greeted with murmurs of approval, and an excited yelp (courtesy of your friendly neighborhood food lover). I couldn't wait to get home to Manila so that I could try her suggestion!

Two nights later, I was back home, and immediately unpacked my remaining biscocho. I deliberately saved a couple of pieces so that I could try the inspired Nutella suggestion. Instead of Nutella, though, I used Nusica (which tastes a lot like Nutella, but is about P50 cheaper). I followed the Ilocanos' instructions:

Step 1: Take one soft biscocho.
Step 2: Unroll.
Step 3: Spread with desired palaman.
Step 4: Roll. Enjoy!

I love soft pan de sal, and I looove hazelnut spread, so this was a welcome and utterly evil midnight snack.

Sigh. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: My name is Tisha, and I am a bad carb addict.

Pasuquin Bakery is located in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte--I'm pretty sure you could ask any local and they'd know where it is; tel. (077) 775-0198

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