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Everything I Ate in Bangkok

OK, not everything.

But anyway, I think the reason it took me so long to post was I figured I needed to write extensively on each dish. But I think for this particular post, I could let the pictures do the talking.

Bangkok has so many food options--practically every meal we ate was totally satisfying. Even after eating about four or five times a day, there were still so many other places left to try. And the best part? I actually lost weight. Haha. It was all that walking!

So anyway, seeing the pictures won't nearly be as enjoyable as actually feasting on what's in them. But I hope this gives you an idea of just how awesome Bangkok is as a food destination.

Jim Thompson Cafe

H and I met up with my cousin, Kuya Roji, and his family. They took us to the Jim Thompson House, which has an in-house cafe. A few of the things we ordered:

Pomelo Salad. This was, by far, the best part of the meal. It was positively delicious! There were recipe books for sale at the gift shop, and I was sorely tempted to buy one just for this.

Pineapple Rice

Green Curry Chicken...or something like that

Curry Rice

Evil dessert. Note the truffles on top! Drool.

Roadhouse BBQ
942/1-4 Thanon Rama IV, at Surawong

We took the train to Patpong and did a walk-through before deciding that we would rather eat and get a couple of drinks. Again, our tastebuds were experiencing Thai Food Fatigue, so when we chanced upon Roadhouse BBQ, we immediately went in. It was actually included in our trusty TimeOut guide book, so we were fairly confident we would get a good meal. The tome described it as such: "A monster three-storey venue, distinct from the city's other pus for its US character, barbecue food and smokery." It recommended the buffalo wings, so we ordered accordingly...

The big-ass menu

Buffalo wings. Yum!

A big-ass burger

Food Courts

Bangkok is Mall Country, so we spent a lot of time in shopping centers. I was in awe of their food courts, with their dizzying array of choices, and high-tech payment methods. (You get a card, sort of like Time Zone, and that's what you use to pay. You can refund if you don't use up the whole amount.) A chicken rice meal would set you back about THB60. Not bad.

Seen one, seen 'em-mall? In Bangkok, that ain't so. I think this was from Siam Paragon--their food court has big aquariums with live fishies!

Ahh, this was when we were needed something other than Thai food. There's only so much Pad Thai and curry you could ingest!

This, and the dish above, was what H and I had as our "first dinner" one day. Halfway through it, my cousin called asking if we wanted to have dinner. We said yes, of course. Haha. A second dinner? Bring it on!

One of our last meals. Another food court. We wanted to get something "native"...

...hence, the Pandan Chicken...

...and Pad Thai

I don't even remember what this is. I think it was duck.

Greyhound Cafe
2nd Floor, Emporium, Sukhumvit Soi 24

This is where we went to satisfy our hobbit-like appetites. We met up with my relatives for a second dinner at Greyhound Cafe, which is sort of like Bangkok's version of Cibo. It's run by the fashion store of the same name, and offers Thai and fusion dishes. One of my relatives' favorites.

The chic, minimalist interiors

Lasagna Salad. Good!

I think these were some sort of crablets... I can't really remember, but I'm inclined to say it was good. I don't think I had anything I didn't like.

Interesting: Squid-ink Pasta

More pasta, with white sauce and seafood

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Crazy, chaotic, huge--brace yourself for Chatuchak Weekend Market. You will need lots of sustenance to go through the thousands of stalls! We decided to stop by one of the roadside eateries (like our carinderia) for an early lunch. The food was totally value for money. And this was as close to street food as we got to try while we were there.

Chicken and curry rice

No idea what this is, but it hit the spot!

On our temple tour, we also stopped by Rub Ar Roon Cafe (310-312 Maharaj Road, Pra Nakorn) which, sadly, didn't allow pictures to be taken within the cafe. It's located on one of the oldest streets in Bangkok; the row of shophouses were said to be built in the fifth reign (King Rama V). I had the Khao Gai Ob (grilled chicken marinated in a milk, garlic, and coriander root sauce, and served with fried rice, THB80)--and, like everything else we ate, it left me feeling full and utterly content.

To travel, to eat...ahh, this is the good life!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Aliens Have Landed...in Starbucks!

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