Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I Did with the Last P70 in My Wallet

...bought a medium Royal Milk Tea at Bubble Tea!

It was one of them days. It was supposedly pay day but, sadly, our moolah hadn't come in. I was surviving on a rapidly dwindling P150. By 6:00 pm, I needed something to tide me over until dinner a couple of hours later (to be paid for, thankfully, by H). All I had left was a P50 bill and a P20 bill to keep it company. Walked around Megamall and decided to head to one of my BFF's favorite places.

To some, Bubble Tea might seem like an odd place to go to on a budget. Sure, I could've gotten something more substantial at the food court, but at that moment, I was craving for something cold and, well, (mostly) liquid. Figured a serving of bubble tea was filling enough. For the uninitiated, bubble tea is tea with milk and sago (bubbles). My pick tastes a lot like chai. Other interesting milk-based drinks: taro milk tea, Japanese green milk tea, jasmine milk tea, coconut milk tea, and chocolate milk tea. They've also got milkshakes, served with bubbles and topped with ice cream

Since it calls itself a "Tokyo milk tea place," it also serves some Japanese eats; rice and noodle soups range from P145 (for the gyoza udon) to P195 (for the seafood teppan). They've also got a few pasta, pizza, and burger offerings on their menu.

I didn't have enough cash for food, so will have to go back and try 'em some other time. But I did check my coin pouch and found P10--enough for extra bubbles. Yay!

Bubble Tea is located on the lower ground floor of SM Megamall Bldg. A, Mandaluyong City.

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